The FATE film sponsored by Icepeak, filmed in Oulu in March, premiered in a guest screening on Thursday.

The Hollywood reinforcements of the film were not seen in Oulu, but Rami Jaber and Sara Chafak, who starred, represented the cast of the short film. In addition, many members of the working group of the section described in Finland were present.

After twenty-five minutes of the action-packed film, Rami Jaber is profoundly thanking everyone who made the film. She is especially grateful to Anne Laurila, Project Manager of the Northern Finland Film Commission and Business Oulu.

– When we photographed in Oulu, we still lacked some of the permits on the same day before filming the explosion on the Merikoski bridge. Anne got us permits in a few hours and still baked a cake for the cops; Jaber laughs.

The journey from the level of an idea to the big screen took a year and a half in Oulu and Los Angeles. Now Jaber, who has brought Hollywood stars to Oulu, is visibly relieved.

– I learned from this project that teamwork is the most important thing. One talented person can win many competitions, but a good team can win the championship, Jaber said.

The FATE film will be shown as a free screening at Oulu’s Finnkino Plaza next Friday and next week’s Monday and Sunday. The success of a film in Oulu depends on whether the film goes on a wider circulation in Finland.

– This is my gift to the people of Oulu. I want as many people as possible to see the film and enjoy it, Jaber said.

However, the completion of a large project does not mean the end of the work. The man currently has many irons in the fire. The next bigger project is already planned.

– Together with the actors of the Escape series, we will make a prison-themed film. I don’t know yet if part of it will be described in Finland, Jaber says.

Time will tell if Hollywood stars will be seen in Oulu with the online series Tough Love, which is currently being filmed.

Watch a video compilation of the film’s work

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